Monday, August 30, 2010

World Trade Center Controversy

I think it's crazy that people would have a burn the Quran day. This is completely silly. Why not burn the United States constitution, or the bill of rights.

Wells Fargo Investments Unfair Business Practice

Today I got into it with my bank because they tried to close out my account and take away 95.00 from me, even though I was using my money for educational expenses and played by the rules by sending them a form.

Apparently when you zero down your account, they close the account and charge 95.00 to close out the account. I know there is one thing for certain and that is I work very hard for my money, and I'll be damned to give them a red penny to do a few administrative tricks.

What really irks me is they say they send out a check on a certain day, and them money disappears from your account on this day, however it takes 2 weeks to arrive in the mail without a post mark on the piece of mail. This is certainly fishy.

Clearly, it's difficult to get a hold of the people that make the policy, because of the what Anthony Giddens says we live in an abstract system, however since we live in an abstract system, I can easily close my accounts, make asinine posts on social media that effectively target the larger of the entity, even though the investments portion of Wells Fargo harmed me, (if someone strikes me with their right fist, I wouldn't strike them in the right fist, I would target the head of course) and run up my entire balance on my credit card with no intentions of paying them back.

Anyways, After enough haggling, they awarded my account the money, but because I'm so disgruntled, I think I'm going to close the account and haggle enough to get them to pay me the 95.00.

Car insurance

The other day I was getting a car insurance quote, and the people told me they would not insure my car because I had black plates. I found this a terribly racist thing because I was being denied coverage strictly because of the color of my license plate. If my license plate was white, of course there is no problem.