Thursday, June 19, 2014

5 Surefire Ways to Avoid the Dreaded Friend Zone

Avoiding the dreaded Friend Zone is a difficult task to muster.  With these 5 surefire strategies, you’ll be sure to avoid the dreaded friend zone.
Hookers-Women don’t marry for love anymore.  They marry for a guy with a job. And if you have a job, be sure to flaunt your money everywhere you go.  Hookers are a great way to avoid the dreaded friend zone.  For the right amount of money, you can join in carnal embrace with the hooker of your dreams.  Ironically, with hookers, it actually costs more to make their company and be in their “friend zone” than to two-pump-your-chump into their dump.
Just did the math and realized a life time of hookers is cheaper than a divorce
Just did the math and realized a life time of hookers is cheaper than a divorce
Guns-Be sure to carry around a big gun with you at all times.  Shoot it capriciously in public to show women that you’re both alpha and omega male to avoid the dreaded friend zone.  Let your gun be a threat in the back of their mind that you don’t accept simply being a “friend”.Weird-guy-with-guns-e1342291240754
A big dong- Women won’t admit it, but they all watch porn and love a guy with a big dong.  Let her know you have a big dong.  Be sure to send them pictures of your raging member constantly.  Let them obsess over it.  They might not text you back right away, or pretend to get upset, but that just women being women taking advice from other women. They secretly love receiving pictures of your dong and its just a cultural formality to hear them they say they don’t appreciate your cock shot.  So are their restraining orders.  Simply put, this is just another manifestation of “no meaning yes”.
This is what happens if you send too many cock shots.
This is what happens if you send too many cock shots.
Internet Dating-There are plenty of internet dating websites out there that will ensure you avoid the dreaded friend zone. These sites allow guys everywhere the opportunity to boost the egos of homely looking women by sending women as many unanswered messages as their hearts delight. In only a short time, watch as your once nice messages turn into angry veiled threats to otherwise normal nice girls from being consistently ignored.
The internet is also good for cats.  With internet dating, your lonely ass will have lots of them.
The internet is also good for cats. With internet dating, your lonely ass will have lots of them.
Inter-species Love- Don’t let things like county ordinances get in your way.Find yourself a bitch somewhere.  Make love to her.  In return for just a bit of food and shelter, you’ll have a ready and willing female that would do anything for you.  Don’t fall in love.  Old dog puss is just nast.   But on bright side, you’ll never have the heartbreak of the “just friends” talk.
no, no, no, I ruff you more mush mush
no, no, no, I ruff you more mush mush
The friend zone is a misnomer.  It actually means,” yeah, if you were better looking or cooler or weren’t such a douche, we’d probably bang, but since  I’m not into you, lets hang out never.  However, if you use these 5 surefire methods, you’ll never have to worry about being in the dreaded “friend zone”.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Rockefeller was a dick

Here is an excerpt from the Los Angeles Times from September 2, 1913. WORK TO DO ON HOLIDAY Rockefeller Holds that His Employees Are The Better Off By Direct Wire to the Times CLEVELAND (O) Sept 1

Work as an antidote for extravagance is John D. Rockeffeller's system, and he put the plan into operation Labor Day when all the employees at Forest Hill worked. Although a stream of holiday folk passed by the estate, the little army that ministers to Mr. Rockefellers comfort went about its tasks placidly and all unheeding.

The ground keepers diligently tended the links, the grooms and barn men went about their tasks with only an occasional glance toward their brother workers enjoying a day, off and inside the house the regular routine was followed. Rockefellers believes that working gave his employees an opportunity of saving money they would have spent seeking amusement had they been given a holiday today.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Facebook Likes

This is what I think about facebook with people liking stuff all the time!

Saturday, January 26, 2013


I see a lot of people that are "pro business" use the term '"economy". These people who are pro business seem to like insurance companies, health care companies, and WAL-MART. Personally, I don't think these people understand the use of the term "economy". Economy is a big term with a big meaning, but is thrown around loosely. Essentially, economy is the trading and consumption of goods and services. Willing participants engage in arms lengths transactions. An argument exists that large companies like WAL-MART provide jobs, but they do not factor in account other variables that play on society. For instance, WAL MART's strength lies in the fact it uses aggressive sales margins to increase volume in it's stores. Increased volume increases overall bottom line and is used in negotiation to decrease supplier prices. Moreover, WAL-MART purchases many of it's goods overseas where American workers cannot compete. This is because our government enacts certain environmental, social (entitlement programs )and quality protections to ensure that American products maintain certain levels of quality. While enjoying the legal fiction of corporate person hood, WAL-MART acts as the class bully in school that doesn't know when to stop. A WAL-MART in a community diminishes people's chances to individually trade and consume goods and services due to it's ability to provide nearly every item at a lower price point. Hence, WAL-MART becomes the juggernaut in the neighborhood and attracts people from other communities to spend money in it's store. While some local communities may benefit from having a WAL-MART in the town by virtue of the increased tax dollars, the tangible loss may be from loss of otherwise possibly vibrant businesses. Neighboring communities, sensing that a WAL-MART is coming to town, will compete in incentives to increase the likelihood that Wal Mart will come to their town because the store indeed will produce benefits for the city. Now, when observed on the county level, what happens is WAL MART tends to depress living standards in the communities nearby. Communities without WAL MARTS will have their citizens spend the money in the neighboring towns. Instead of money flowing back into the community through local business, the money in the community is shipped back to Bentonville, and through the various Chinese suppliers that provide the cheaper goods that WAL MART sells. Hence a WAL MART redistributes a community's wealth. Because public health has a large impact on a society's productivity, WAL MART enjoys two considerable public subsidies. The first is many people who rely on government checks will tend to try to get the most value out of their money and shop based on price points. WAL MART-the community juggernaut, will tend to offer one stop shopping for all the things a person can possibly need. Well intentioned citizens believe that buying things keep the economy going, but exactly what economy?. Neighboring communities tend to suffer because they are stifled for tax revenues from their businesses, and their constituents spend in the neighboring town. The other hidden public subsidy that WAL MART has enjoyed is that it is known for offering a less than livable wage without public benefits. By styming unions, WAL MART has employed a win at all costs to keep prices low model. Backstage Sam's Club motivational literature details this same language. "Winning". Once again, health care must be examined at the county level. Communities that have WAL MARTS may have enjoy benefits from the increased tax revenues that come from a WAL MART; however, communities that do not have WAL MARTS may have to rely on public services due to the cycle of money outflows that WAL MART exacerbates. Granted, this is a not a one size fits all model as there are plenty of communities that can absorb a WAL MART, especially those in rural places where money is imported in from exported goods (think farm communities). However, in urban places where the functions of business have more integrated social effects on larger populations, there is indeed a high cost to low prices.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A post falsely attributed to Mark Twain

My biggest problem in life has been confusing the suggestive aspects of "should" against the punitive aspects of "shall". Quote Michael Nitzani 1/9/2013

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Liberterians piss me off

I wrote this in discussion the other day. At the face level, Ayn Rand's Objectivism makes great points by not infringing on people's liberties, however, an issue that most of these people have is that they have a total disdain for government (which I can understand their point of view). However, the fundamental problem that these people don't seem to realize is that the world is comprised of many other people and that resources are not contrived, they in fact must be managed and shared. Left to a person's own devices, a person will act in their own best interests. The classic economic problem is the Tragedy of the Commons. This is a good example of how a resource will be plundered if a group of people act all in their own individual self interests thus acting to the detriment of themselves and the group while destroying the shared resource even more expediently than if they did not strictly pursue only their self interests. A nice example of this is a satellite image in Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth comparing the devastation of the rainforest on one country's border, and the preservation of it on the other. Or the Oklahoma Sooners with the dust bowl. In a sense, government serves to protect people from themselves or other irrational actors. Hence people not liking the Environmental Protection Agency, or the Transportation Security Administration. Granted, nobody appreciates involuntary anything, however, I think this is something that is necessary to be a functional member within a functional society. I think the problem with Rand's idea is that the kind of society she forewarns, is exactly the type of society that would occur if each individual actor appealed to their libertarian self interests within a society.