Monday, January 31, 2011

California State Prison (Corrections System)

It sickens me how much the state of California spends on it's prison population rather than it's student population. I believe the state is run by dyslexics. When someone gets out of college they are saddled with enormous amounts of debt, yet when someone gets out of prison, they got to live free for a while with perks. Benjamin Franklin said once said, those that will trade "liberty for security deserve neither" . ' He clearly wasn't around during the post-post modern period. I mean, if someone ever desperately needs health care, they should strongly consider imprisonable misdemeanors.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

paper or ___________

I was thinking about the usage of paper as a medium to display information that is current, however so much of it is to waste. Think of the newspapers with the shitty advertisements that last a week. For instance, a tree died, costing the world vital oxygen so much I could save 10 cents on a can of tuna (thats probably not dolphin safe) during the week of October 7-13 at Walgreens pharmacy.

It seems as if information for the now should be disemminated and dismantled on the internet, and that which should be written in stone should be written on paper.

Maybe I've been watching too much of the Office.