Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Rockefeller was a dick

Here is an excerpt from the Los Angeles Times from September 2, 1913. WORK TO DO ON HOLIDAY Rockefeller Holds that His Employees Are The Better Off By Direct Wire to the Times CLEVELAND (O) Sept 1

Work as an antidote for extravagance is John D. Rockeffeller's system, and he put the plan into operation Labor Day when all the employees at Forest Hill worked. Although a stream of holiday folk passed by the estate, the little army that ministers to Mr. Rockefellers comfort went about its tasks placidly and all unheeding.

The ground keepers diligently tended the links, the grooms and barn men went about their tasks with only an occasional glance toward their brother workers enjoying a day, off and inside the house the regular routine was followed. Rockefellers believes that working gave his employees an opportunity of saving money they would have spent seeking amusement had they been given a holiday today.

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