Sunday, April 9, 2006

Today I was at Safeway

Today I was at Safeway and I was trying to do my coupon thing for save 10 dollars off 50 dollar purchase where I trade my coupon for a free case of water and the people I give it to get a few bucks. Some chick was like , "I don't want to" and the cashier started telling her something and then after a while I see himi telling his supervisor that he "foiled it" and I was like "that's me". The supervisor comes up to me and tells me not to do it again. I tell him to eat poop.

What pissed me off is the woman was trying to do the right thing, and the cashier was just doing their job.
Oh, I also hate it when newbies are at work, and I'm at the deli asking for a corn dog. They started asking me all these questions and I was like, "I just want ketchup, no mustard please, no bag please, easy on the spit.

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