Thursday, May 14, 2009

Whats up with Capitalism

I don't understand it's ways. Have an interaction with another person. Try to take their money for your own gain. Buy low, sell high. Mixed with emotion, it's more often than not sell low, buy high.

Capitalism is for the unemotional. It's groups of people working together to take a person's money. Each person doing their own little job, a replaceable part, unaware of the larger picture at hand. Big corporations don't make their millions off charging each individual person a lot of money, they get it through small accounts, transactions, and contracts. A nickel profit here, a dime there. A set up fee, a closing fee, a maintenance fee, a "special offer". It's very pleasant to give your money away through personalized postage paid envelopes and free online bill pay. Capitalism greets you when you walk in the door, and rushes you on your way out. Workers huddle and hurrah in the morning fearful of losing their jobs unless they arrive early, stay late, and work Saturday's. Spouses hear the grunts of their significant other's days.

Capitalism is the gift that keeps on giving. It's forecasting, projecting, reports, and cut throat. Capitalism is grown men in equipment hitting each other as hard as they can with instant replays, fantasy statistics, and jersey sales. Capitalism is a backwards chapter of a movie because as technology gets better, actors get older, and the only way to expand on a franchise is to revamp it's graphics, with younger actors rehashing a story line where the viewer already knows the ending, but the real question is what is the beginning? Capitalism allows one to travel the world. Want to telephone India. Call a 1800 number at 3am. Want cheap Chinese Goods? Go to your local store.

Capitalism is a burger king manager yelling at you for putting soda in your water cup. Capitalism is the rational choice to become obese through purchasing cheap food fast. Capitalism is paying to go somewhere to stand in line. Capitalism is the 7000%markup. Capitalism is a sales interrogation with a sense of urgency, for something that takes a while to grow like a bank account, or improving your physique at the gym. Capitalism is cash flow, leveraged buy outs, and jumping out of office windows mid day because a couple numbers don't go your way. Capitalism makes it illegal to charge your friend to give them a ride across town, but legal to charge a convenience fee.

Capitalism is the currency of faith. It's a simultaneous push and pull of each counterparty, each granting enough credit to the other with both sides achieving record profits until one side doesn't want to play anymore. Capitalism is one sided minded "consultants" with strict sales quotas, customer service, and written warnings. Capitalism is the disappearance of millions of dollars overnight, lost in a sea of numerics. Capitalism is doubling down on ones investment. Capitalism achieves a balance in the few who ruin things for the many with offshore drilling, couped up farm animals ready to be slaughtered, and fouled up air, and the many striving to be like the few with their compensation packages, yachts, and expense accounts.

Capitalism is being paid the sum of your wages with taxes taken out right before rent and other bills are due. Capitalism is for the successful liars who can look the other way. A friend once said, capitalism is when both parties walk away from a transaction feeling like they totally fucked the other person.

I guess I do understand it's ways. I was just hoping I wouldn't. Capitalism is a kaleidoscope of rationality as the irrational actor in a rational marketplace is only later perceived as a rational actor in an irrational marketplace.

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