Sunday, June 26, 2011

Lengthy Letter to Home Depot

" To Whom It May Concern:

In one of my Sociology MA classes a colleague of mine suggested a research proposal that would pay 5,000.00 USD in a drawing for their participation. The professor childed him and stated that it was deceiving and wouldn't pass the institutional review board at our school.

Yet when I go to Home Depot and purchase something, there is this exact scenario on every receipt. Moreover on a visit a few years ago in one of the stores, an employe was speciifcally there to encourage customers to fill out a survey. I was in a hurry, but returned the next day to conduct the survey. I asked a few questions and the lady informed that to the best of her knowlege nobody from California won.

I want to share my thoughts on this survey. The store has predominantly intelligent contractors and uneducated workers. The contractors may not have the time to conduct the survey or have the forsight to not take part in it. The workers may be inclined to offer a more optimistic picture in hopes of winning 5,000.00. They don't know the probabilities of winning, and like their work for the contractors, the situation is perpectuated where the workers are undercompensated for their efforts. My biggest gripe with Home Depot is it's impact on the community as the arguments against Wal Mart are alligned with Home Depot's impact. For example, I grew up in a town with a small independent hardware store that was run for multiple generations. These people participated and were active members of the community. Home Depot put this store out of business. The community became less vibrant with these family's heartache.

I see this happening all over the area I live in. My hope is that someone in the higherup ups will read the Dr. Seuss novel The Lorax. Please give it to your children. Fight Investor Lawsuits. the system is flawed and we humans are becoming disconnected from the evnrionment and each other. Home Depot is a factor in all of this.

I sincerely wish your company goes out of business and that Home Depot feels the pains as many Americans have felt as a result of the effects of Home Depots in local communities.

Yours Sincerley

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