Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Letter to Gas Company

"Dear Gas Company,

I apologize. I have been hit on the head recently and am not entirely there. Or here.

This letter is requesting information to confirm that in fact I received a legitimate letter from The Southern California Gas Company.

I have had email for ten years and my email address gets all over. Fortunately I have a spam blocker, and haven’t responded to a phishing attack in years.

I am uncertain though if this is a legitimate letter. My understanding is criminals can be identified by their poor construction of the English language.

The first sentence in the letter dated May 16, 2011 sent to my address states, “Welcome to Southern California Gas Company”. I am utterly perplexed at the syntax of this letter. Why doesn’t this letter use the definite article, “the”. I imagine this would have created an unaesthetic look reading, “Welcome to the Southern California Gas Company”. Moreover, at the end of the letter, the endline states, “Your energy service provider” -13” My question pertains to is what energy and additional services can be provided before I set up an account. Why the 13? I think this may be a tell tale sign of criminal activity.

Since there is no address listed on this letter, and only a phone number, I am concerned with phishing attempts being made on my good name and credit.

I am writing this address to confirm that indeed this is a legitimate utility. If so, I am happy to establish an account, however do not want to become the victim of identity theft once again.

Thank you,
Resident "

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