Wednesday, April 8, 2009

So I'm real excited about prop 2 passing last October. It means farm animals have minimum standards to extend their limbs. I think this will have unintended health effects like healthier masses of people. Some opponents of the measure were saying conventionally grown eggs would become more expensive and to this I say "ptoooey". I know nothing about keynesian economics except for the fact its oxymoronic because I sound a lot smarter when I say I know nothing about it. I digress, what I do know is I will gladly pay the extra 8cents an egg it costs at the supermarket to purchase humanely grown eggs. And the jew in me will never pay the 1000 percent markup for eggs at dennys. So kudos to california voters.

On to a more pressing issue and this is allowing animals to marry. Currently animals can't marry.

Another pressing issue is to make it legal once more to eat humans. The passing of prop 2 was a.big step and food prices will inevitably rise. At least humans will be putting better things into their body. So why not eat them.

Remember this is a deocracy for the people, by the people, that should never perish from this earth.

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