Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Whats up with Capitalism

I know our government wants to bail the banks out because they are hoarding cash and not lending anything to anybody because of large losses on their balance sheets. Further bunk loans would cause depositors to withdraw their funds. It sux how in America people have to work continuously for thirty years to own a home. Native americans worked for like a day. This fractional system is burdensome because it ensures people are working all the time.

I'm thinking if the banks start lending again then people will borrow and spend and tax dollars will be generated. This will help fund government coffers.

What sucks is how expensive some services are. I mean dentists, lawyers, and doctors piss me off. pro baseball players piss me off too.

If people took the following steps then I think life in this country would be better.

1. Stopped charging their fast food-when people are poor and hungry they eat whatever they can. Fast food is loaded with nutritionally deficient ingredients.

If people stopped purchasing these "goods" then they wouldn't have such difficult debts to pay off.

Additionally if people just stopped using their credit cards and stopped getting enticed by free offers then interest rates on credit cards would go down because the companies would have to be more competitive.

Back to professionals. It pisses me off that people like cpas can charge whatever they want to crunch your numbers come tax time. Ideally speaking I think its best to sell certain products under the table. For example if I was a cashier at a movie theatre I would bring a bunch of kit kats to the display counter and sell them for cash.

Landlords piss me off because they insist on taking 1/r of whatever you make for housing.

Ok here's fun stuff. My name is joe blow.I make 100,000 a year. I pay 33k for my house and I pay 25' in taxes per year. Plus everything I purchase is taxed on. Groceries aren't.

Let's go back to professional baseball. I would love to see market forces take over and fans say, yknow. I'm tired of paying exorbirant amounts for beer.

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