Thursday, April 23, 2009

Why can't we come up with good technologies?

There is no reason.

As I woke up this morning and checked my phone for market news more out of habit than necessity I had a realization. Why can't the six million people who are unemployed in this country work together on projects that are great for our country, our economy, our environment.

I'm absolutely positive that with six million people working together on a wiki like project, especially with the newly added ranks from General motors and Yahoo we can work together on creating a green earth friendly energy. It can be our contribution to our planet this Earth Day.

There are things in this world that don't make sense. Like a tree bearing fruit, or grass growing in a field where a business stood twenty years ago, or an encylopedia that's been made from the masses for the masses, more accurate, focused, and in depth than ones made in private enterprise.

As a sociologist, I've observed a revolution has occured. I believe this is the logical next step. We can't depend on big companies anymore. We can't put our savings in banks. We must forge ahead bravely.

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