Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wait, why do I need an M.B.A. again?

When the true lesson they teach at business school is to copy anything that has market share, and claim it as your own. Even if the idea is so absurd that it will fizzle out in a couple years. It will also make you wonder what led up to the idea, and why the hell are there two competing existing ideas that both suck.

Case in point.
1. Cartoons about ducks.
(Darkwing Duck, and Duck Tales)

2. Nanny reality tv shows.
(Super Nanny, Nanny 911)

3. Style lines in American made mid range sports automobiles
(1990 Mustang vs 1990 Camaro) (1969 Camaro vs. 1969 Mustang) This is an abstraction. 1969 Camaros are cool.

4. Really Large SUV's
2000 Ford Excursion vs. 2000 Chevrolet Suburban)

5. 5 dollar footlong sandwiches
Quiznos and Subway, Blimpie in the midst of the recession. I was getting jipped years ago. I declare boycott all and eat the fruit from the trees.

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